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Internet Search Contest

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Finding internet site about a subject is relatively simple using a search tool or subject directory. Finding an answer to a specific question (object-oriented searching) is difficult. The following contest is designed to develop skills in finding specific information.

The Rules

  1. Divide the class into teams of two to four students.
  2. Contest will last for 25 minutes.
  3. Use the any of the search tools listed on the Internet Searching Tools site to search for answers.
  4. Provide a Web site complete with the URL as evidence you found the answer. No answer will be counted without a web site to verify the answer.
  5. Look at each question carefully to determine the major concepts or ideas.
  6. Try new tools and approaches.
  7. Have fun!

The Questions

  1. (5 points) What is relevancy ranking?
  2. (5 points) What is the weather forecast for Ashland, Oregon tomorow?
  3. (5 points) What is the connection between George Orwell and Suffolk?
  4. (10 points) Find two search tools that search only web sites in Germany?
  5. (10 points) According to the history of the Bear Creek Corporation, Harry and David were the two sons of what man?
  6. (10 points) What is Google Book Search and how can it work with the Hannon Library Catalog and the Summit Catalog?
  7. (10 points) What abbreviation was inspired by the behavior of the partners of the England soccer team during the 2006 World Cup?
  8. (10 points) What search tool has a "Labs"section?
  9. (10 points) What is the "Labs" section and what can you find there?
  10. (10 points) What is the currency used in Egypt?
  11. (10 points) What is the value of $1217 in Egypt's currency?
    ***No fair using a personal calculator!
  12. (10 points) How many sites link to the <a href=""></a>?
  13. (10 points) What is Right to Privacy?
  14. (10 points) Find a picture of a polar bear cub.
  15. (10 points) What is the current stock price of Agilent Technologies?
  16. (15 points) Who starred in <I>Greetings</I>?
  17. (15 points) What is the name of the fastest steel roller coaster in the United States and where is it located?
  18. (20 points) My parents are having a party at their house. I want to send friends a map of how to get to the party. Their address is 7793 Brigham Road, Gates Mills, Ohio. Can you find a map that tells people how to get to this address?

Total points: 185

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