Library Staff

Anna Beauchamp

Interlibrary Loan Coordinator
Circulation Services
Phone: 541/552-6823 Email:

Max Brooks

Career Preparation Coordinator
Learning Commons
Phone: 541/552-6131 Email:

Carl Christy

Systems Analyst
Systems Department
Phone: 541/552-6831 Email:

Brent Cummings

Student Coordinator/Night Supervisor
Circulation Services
Phone: 541/552-6822 Email:

Becca Evans

Acquistions Technician
Technical Services
Phone: 541/552-6841 Email:

Riah Gooding

Learning Commons Tutoring Director
Learning Commons
Phone: 541/552-6818 Email:

Bill Herman

Reserve/Video Collections Coordinator
Circulation Services
Phone: 541/552-6829 Email:

Kathy Hoxmeier

Periodicals Coordinator
Technical Services
Phone: 541/552-6844 Email:

Raven Keppinger

Access Services Coordinator
Circulation Services
Phone: 541/552-6825 Email:

Alissa Kolodzinski

Assistant to the Dean
Phone: 541/552-6835 Email:

Karen Menzie

Cataloging Technician
Technical Services
Phone: 541/552-6843 Email:

Susan O'Connor

Learning Commons & Government Information Specialist
Learning Commons/Government Publications
Phone: 541/552-6851 Email:

Shana Sandor

Digital Projects & Electronic Resources Specialist
Digital Projects/Systems Department
Phone: 541/552-8824 Email:

Fela Winfrey

Library Assistant
Phone: 541/552-6023 Email: