The Earth Moves Me

Nina Reynolds

Through the month of December, Hannon Library’s gallery will feature work by Nina Reynolds, a local artist and student at SOU. The exhibit, The Earth Moves Me, consists of watercolor and oil paintings, which are available for purchase from the artist.

“Painting is a way for me to show love for people, and express the power of our energies found in the earth—its patterns and cycles. I am interested in the lyrical movement and stillness of the human body. My work is quiet, like me. In my process of art-making time with other people, and taking long walks alone allows me to paint what is most meaningful. I see painting as a ritual time away from the world of speaking wherein the practical ways in which I have to think, judge, and perform in order to be acceptable is replaced by making intuitive marks, and being aware of who I am beyond what I show. Painting is being and experiencing me as I am. The way in which this ritual is most meaningful to me—as a raw and honest time—is reflected in the darker earth tones and bright reds and blues I love to use, which to me reflect the serious questions about human experience. I hope you enjoy these paintings. It’s a pleasure to share them with you.”

- Nina Reynolds