Ashland Book Festival

Saturday September 20, 10 am - 4 pm



Saturday, SEPTEMBER 20th   10 am – 4 pm
All of our events are free and open to the public.




All Day

Table Fair
All Floors
Authors, publishers, booksellers, and other organizations.

booksales, signings

Kids Corner
Third Floor, Room #352
Activities, crafts, and games for children ages 3-10.

children, crafts, games

Special Collections Open House
Second Floor, Bailey Area
Tour Hannon Library's rare and historic books, including Shakespeare's historic Second and Fourth Folios, and SOU's University Archives.

historical, rare books, Shakespeare

10:30 am – 10:50 am

The 4 Most Important Phases Every Female Needs to Know
First Floor, Atrium
Based on her book, 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks, Suzanne McQueen will invite women to explore an entirely different way to view their hormonal cycles.

presentations, nonfiction, health

The Eagle Rises
Second Floor, Alcove
Addie Greene presents a story of grit and gumption.

readings, fiction, historical

Japan 1908
Second Floor, Room #216
Miriam Reed presents Japan in 1908: so much, so little change

readings, historical

10:30 am – 11:30 am

Editors: What Do They Do, And Why Do I Need One?
First Floor, Room #117
Jessica Vineyard of Red Letter Editing discusses the different types of editors, what they do, and how they support and author's writing. From developmental editors to copyeditors and proofreaders, learn who you need and when you need them.

presentations, writing, editing

11 am – 11:20 am

Author Reading: The Stone Of Shadows
Second Floor, Alcove
Chapters from the R. A. Finley's first book, The Stone of Shadows

readings, fiction, fantasy

Lucy Lied, A Tale Of Deceit, Infidelity & Vigilante Justice
Second Floor, Room #216
MJ Daspit reads a brief passage and discusses the setting of her historical novel set in Monterey, California of the late 1870s.

readings, fiction, historical

11 am – 11:30 am

Little Orphan Annie
First Floor, Atrium
Storytelling with local author Heiland Hoff. Appropriate for older children and adults.


11 am – 12 pm

Reading Workshop: 10 Tricks To Unlock Kesey's Best
Third Floor, Room #329
Novelist and SOU Creative Arts prof, Robert Arellano, offers 10 tricks to unlock Ken Kesey's "best" novel, Sometimes a Great Notion.

workshops, Oregon Topics, academic

Crime And Chaos, A Mystery Writing Discussion
Third Floor, Meese Room
Join authors Donald L. Ball, Rosemary Dunn Dalton, and Michael Niemann as they discuss writing mystery fiction.

panels, fiction, mystery

Spiritual Memoirs Workshop
Second Floor, Room #206
Award-winning poet, novelist and memoirist Ana Callan leads an inspired writing session.

workshops, inspirational, writing

11:30 am – 11:50 am

The Hot Body Club
First Floor, Atrium
Fiction: murder mystery by Tom Arnold of Bleugene Press

readings, fiction, mystery

Veda, A Novel
Second Floor, Alcove
Written in memoir style prose, Ellen Gardner's novel tells a story not unlike that of many women of her generation.

readings, fiction, historical

Inside Oregon State Hospital
Second Floor, Room #216
A short reading from Diane L. Goeres-Gardner's book

readings, historical, oregon topics

12 pm – 12:20 pm

Reading From The Eyes of Archimedes
Second Floor, Alcove
A chapter from Dan Armstrong's latest novel

readings, fiction, historical

Burma Baby: Reading And Comments
Second Floor, Room #216
SOU student has a sacred Buddhist tattoo which connects her to someone in Myanmar. She must find this person before her 28-day visa expires.

readings, fiction, contemporary

12 pm – 12:30 pm

The Messenger's Short Fiction Winners
First Floor, Atrium
The Rogue Valley Messenger presents the top three finalists from its first-ever Short Fiction Contest, with readings of the winning pieces.

readings, fiction

12 pm – 1 pm

Publishing A Book With Amazon's CreateSpace
First Floor, Room #117
Learn the basics of self-publishing using CreateSpace with Amy Miller.

workshops, publishing

12:30 pm – 12:50 pm

The Rogue Journal Of Undergraduate Research
First Floor, Atrium
Editor Preston Price discusses Southern Oregon University's Rogue Journal.

presentations, nonfiction, publishing, academic

How Does One Set A Thriller In A Civil War?
Second Floor, Room #216
Michael Niemann speaks on the Darfur conflict and the steps taken to use it as a setting for his thriller Legitimate Business.

reading, fiction, contemporary, suspense

The Timber Mill Action
Second Floor, Alcove
A mystery, by Dorothy Vogel, that takes place in Cave Junction, involving a former cop, now an Episcopal Priest as sleuth.

reading, fiction, contemporary, mystery, oregon topics

12:30 pm – 1 pm

Humanitarians Gift Project
First Floor, Sculpture Exhibit
Artist Meera Censor presents and discusses her work of creating life-like sculptures of some of the world's most famous and obscure humanitarians.

presentations, art, inspirational

12:30 pm – 1:30 pm

Collaborative Publishing: The New Model For 21st Century Publishing
Second Floor, Room #206
Steve Scholl, founder of White Cloud Press, addresses a new publishing trend, where author and publisher share risk and profits.

workshops, publishing

Historical Photography: Japan In 1908
Third Floor, Room #329
Historical photo presentation and discussion with Miriam Reed

presentations, historical

It Takes A Village To Make A Book
Third Floor, Meese Reem
Alan Armstrong, Mary Z. Maher, Jonah Bornstein, Annette Lewis, and Penny Metropulos discuss their various roles in the new book Oregon Shakespeare Festival Actors: Telling the Story.

presentations, shakespeare, theatre, Writing, publishing

1 pm – 1:20 pm

Poetry Reading
First Floor, Atrium
A reading by Angela Decker, author of Splendid Catastrophe.

readings, poetry

Turning Your Passion Into Books
Second Floor, Alcove
Chef, poet, traveler, and author Roanne Legg tells how she writes her life into books.

readings, writing

Time's Mirror: Cycles Of Change At Summer Lake
Second Floor, Room #216
Poems by Steve Dieffenbacher that explore aspects of Oregon's past and present in the Summer Lake area.

readings, poetry, oregon topics

1:30 pm – 1:50 pm

Reading From "Weathering" and New Poems
First Floor, Atrium
Poetic readings by Amy MacLennan, author of The Fragile Day and Weathering and new poetry editor for Cascadia Review.

readings, poetry

Book Marketing: Connecting With Your Books
Second Floor, Alcove
Patricia Marshall discusses how authors need to build an audience and create excitement for their books, using a variety of techniques to find and connect with readers.

presentation, marketing

Mystic Poetry Reading
Second Floor, Room #216
Ana Callan shares a sequence of her poems to open and uplift your heart and spirit.

readings, poetry, inspirational

The Impact of Spiritual Awakening
Third Floor, Room #329
Spiritual awakening is a powerful and life-changing event impacting both energy and consciousness. Learn about two supportive books, The Kundalini Guide and The Awakening Guide, by Bonnie Greenwell.

presentations, nonfiction, inspirational

1:30 pm – 2:30 pm

Organizing Book Marketing Data
First Floor, Room #117
With hundreds of marketing tools, how does an author organize them? Author and publisher Cheryl Colwell will help you categorize and develop your marketing strategy.

workshops, marketing

2 pm – 2:20 pm

Poetry Reading
First Floor, Atrium
Poetic readings by Patty Wixon, author of Side Effects and 2014 Literary Arts Oregon Book Award recipient.

readings, poetry

Goliath Vs. The Author
Second Floor, Alcove
You create, then…? What happens after the author types "the end," is an entirely other world where size matters more than content. Presented by Donald L. Ball.

presentations, writing

The Making Of The Book, "Ashland, OR"
Second Floor, Room #206
This coffee table photography book features the work of 33 local artists. It showcases the beautiful town of Ashland, Oregon and its community.

presentations, art, nonfiction, oregon topics

Poetry Reading
Second Floor, Room #216
Recent poems from Amy Miller, including ones from the Tupelo Press 30/30 Project

readings, poetry

When The Wind Chimes Chime: Ending The Greatest Fear Of All
Third Floor, Room #329
A book from Donna Corso about releasing our fear of death/dying.

readings, inspirational, relationships

2 pm – 3 pm

Strange Worlds: Fantasy And Science Fiction Panel Discussion
Third Floor, Meese Room
Join authors Scott Crabtree, R. A. Finley, Leandra Martin, and A.A. Radda as they discuss writing in the fantasy and science fiction genres.

panels, fiction, fantasy/scifi

2:30 pm – 2:50 pm

Readings By Local Published Authors
First Floor, Atrium
Five local authors will read excerpts from theirs works of fictions and nonfiction.

readings, fiction, nonfiction

Best Selling Author: The Struggle And Grind
Second Floor, Alcove
How author Brandt Legg changed his life, became a writer and sold tens of thousands of books.

presentations, writing

Cry Of Strange Dreams
Second Floor, Room #216
Poetry and short stories of gypsies with Dolores de Leon

readings, fiction, poetry

Storytelling: A Powerful Medicine For Grief
Third Floor, Room #329
Mary Landberg, a hospice nurse, shares way to help the suffering feel good about themselves while building connection and trust.

presentations, nonfiction, inspirational, relationships

2:30 pm – 3:30 pm

Writing Oregon's History
Second Floor, Room #206
Panel discussion with authors Robert Arellano, Edwin Battistella, and Diane Goeres-Gardner on Oregon history topics.

panels, history, oregon topics

3 pm – 3:20 pm

The Healing Power of Love
First Floor, Atrium
Tarra Light reads from Angel of Auschwitz. "The power of love is the source of miracles. Evil is redeemed by love, and darkness is transformed into light."

readings, fiction, historical, inspirational

Call For Articles – Sharing Inner Peace In The Community
Second Floor, Alcove
As volunteer facilitator of the Ashland Daily Tidings Inner Peace Column, Sally McKirgan invites writers to share all aspects of inner peace with our community.

presentations, publishing, inspirational

An Uncommon Cancer Journey
Third Floor, Room #329
A memoir by Alice Hardesty about the healing of "terminal" cancer and of a marriage at the same time.

reading, nonfiction, memoirs, health, relationships, inspirational

3 pm – 4 pm

Self-Publishing: The Low-Down On High Quality
First Floor, Room #117
Patricia Marshall of Luminare Press talks about the language of book design, publishing and marketing, and how to create a professional, polished book when self-publishing.

workshops, publishing, marketing