Ashland Book Festival

Saturday October 3, 10 am - 4 pm

Frequently Asked Questions



No, this is a separate festival, established in 2012 by Hannon Library and the Friends of Hannon Library.



Authors, publishers, book sellers, and other relevant vendors may sign up to participate in the festival by going to the festival website at and submitting an online application form. The deadline to apply is August 14, 2015. Once your application has been received and approved by the festival, you will be contacted by email with further instructions. Space is limited. Once all available spaces are filled, applications will be added to a waitlist.


There is a $45 entrance fee for regular applicants. BookFest Stars can join for $35. Participants may opt to share a table (up to 4 people per table) and split the entrance fee if they are all approved registrants. For registrants that are only involved in presentations and don’t require a table, the fee is $25.


To show our appreciation for the ABAF community, we are offering a discounted entrance fee of $35 to anyone who has participated in the festival every year since the start in 2012.


Registered participants get a spot in the all-day table fair, where they may promote and sell their work (except for registrations opting for Presentation Only level). All registered participants are eligible to give a 20 minute reading or presentation on the topic of their choice. All registered participants also have exclusive access to the all-day Author Lounge, with complimentary lunch and refreshments.


No, only registered participants that are featured in the festival have to pay the entrance fee. Please feel free to bring a friend or two.


ABAF offers several different sponsorship opportunities. Financial contributions are always welcome, but we also accept in-kind contributions from organizations (e.g. volunteer staff, activities, supplies, catering, publicity). Contact festival organizers at or 541-552-6816.


Go to the festival website at and complete the online volunteer application form.


If you have signed up for a table, you only need to bring whatever products and publicity materials you wish to display or sell; the festival will provide tables and 2-4 padded chairs per table. It is recommended that you bring snacks and beverages, but some food and beverages will be available on site (see question below). Remember that you will be expected to maintain your table from 10 am to 4 pm, so consider bringing a companion in case you need to be away from your table for a time. Please do not bring any alcoholic beverages to the event; you will be asked to leave.


Each table is approximately 6 feet long. Exact dimensions vary somewhat. Email for more detail.


Tables will be arranged throughout the main common areas of the library. Table locations will be assigned by the festival with consideration to each participant’s activities (presentations, panel involvement, etc.) and any special requirements communicated to the festival organizers. If you have special requirements, you should contact the festival immediately. The festival organizers will accommodate such requirements to the best of their abilities.


Yes, you may sell books and other products for your brand. Be prepared to make cash transactions; the structure of the building impedes cellphone signals and can interfere with cellphone-based credit card transactions.


In addition to items for sale, such as books and crafts, you may display work or set out promotional materials. The table is your exhibit space to utilize as you see fit. You are not permitted to sell or distribute food items. The festival will provide black tablecloths and identifier signs, but you are welcome to bring additional decorative items. Multimedia material is permitted at muted or discreet audio levels, but access to electrical outlets may be limited; notify festival organizers in advance if you require access to an outlet. Offensive or objectionable material will be barred at the discretion of the Festival Planning Committee.


Registered participants will be given a check-in time prior to the event. All participants should be present, checked in, and set up by 9:30 am.


The festival opens at 10 am and closes at 4 pm. Participants are expected to maintain a presence at their table for the entire duration. If you need to be away for an amount of time, you should arrange for someone to staff your table in your absence. If you are signed up to give a presentation or participate in a festival event, you may request a festival volunteer to oversee your table during your absence. If you need to leave the festival early, you should inform the festival organizers in advance.


Participants are encouraged to park in the lot behind the library, off of Indiana Street. Parking will be free for this event, and no permits are required.  See the parking map available on our website. 


All registered participants have exclusive access to the all-day Author Lounge, with complimentary lunch and refreshments. There are also a number of restaurants and stores within walking distance of the library, including a coffee shop located on the ground floor of the building.




There is no admission to attend the festival, and all our activities are free and open to the public. However, our participating authors will have books and materials available for sale. If you plan to make purchases, we recommend you bring cash as not all vendors will be set up for credit card transactions.


For the day of the event, guests may park on campus. There is no fee, and no permit is required. See the parking map available on our website.


Visit the Ashland Book and Author Festival website for a list of authors, activities, and schedules. Specific questions can be submitted to


The Kids Corner, located on the first floor, offers various activities for multiple age groups.


The library coffee shop, located on the first floor of the building, offers a variety of sandwiches, salads, pastries, bottled beverages, espresso, and more.



There are many ways you can support our program. Money donations can be made by check payable to our parent organization, Hannon Library. We also welcome any interested volunteers to help with the event. If you represent a business or organization, please consider becoming a sponsor.


Contact festival organizers at Hannon Library: 541-552-6816,


We are always interested in feedback. Please send your comments to with “Book Festival” in the subject line.