Reserves Collection Policies


Library-owned materials

You may find and submit books directly, or provide the Reserve Coordinator with a list of the authors and titles if you prefer.  Use the reserve form provided to submit materials.  More forms are available at the Circulation desk..

Photocopied materials

Submit photocopied materials to Circulation Services.  If the article is from a library-owned periodical, we ask that you or your research assistant photocopy the article(s).  The library staff can copy your article, however, this can only be done as time allows and may delay the reserve process.  We cannot place an entire periodical volume or issue on reserve. In order to comply with the copyright statute (section 107 and 108 of PL 94-553) permission from the publisher must be obtained for the following situations:

Faculty members will be responsible for obtaining permission from the publisher where needed and for providing the Reserve Coordinator with such verification before the beginning of the second term that an item is on reserve.  (See this section on obtaining copyright for more details.)

Personal copies of books

Submit personal copies of books to the Reserve Coordinator.  We caution that some amount of wear and tear on books should be expected when they are on reserve.  The Library does not accept responsibility for damage to personal materials.

Books Owned by Other Libraries

It is against general library ethics and the Interlibrary Loan code to place materials from other libraries on reserve lin our library.  This includes items requested through Summit and Interlibrary Loan, and items you have directly checked out from other libraries.


At the time you submit your reserve materials, please fill out a Library Reserve Form, including your name, the course number, the term the material is to be used, and which checkout period you prefer.

In most cases, your reserve requests can be completed within a day or two.  However, at the beginning of each term when the number of submitted reserve items is greatest, it may take longer to process requests.  At these times, please allow one week between the material's submission and the date it will be needed by students.  All reserve requests are processed in the order in which they are received.  Please submit your reserve list(s) as early as possible.


Statistics are kept indicating the number of times a reserve item was checked out.  These statistics are available for review at the Circulation Desk.  After the last day of classes, a copy of the statistics for your material will be sent to you.


You may request to have materials removed from reserve at any time.  At the end of each term, items not scheduled to remain on reserve for the next term will be removed and returned to the SOU collections, or to you via Campus Mail.

Direct inquiries to Bill Herman, Reserves Coordinator.