Dale Vidmar


Dale Vidmar

Office: Library 144
Phone: 552-6842


Information Literacy and Instruction Coordinator/
Education, Communication, and Health, Physical Education and Leadership Librarian


Full Professor

Dale Vidmar


Job Description:

  • Supervise and develop Library Instruction/Information Literacy program for the University Studies/General Education and First Year Experience curricula.
  • Develop and implement information literacy assessment using citation analysis of senior and first-year work samples.
  • Provide instruction and resources to support information literacy and library use for upper division and graduate classes in education, communications, health, physical education, & leadership and lower division writing and the University Seminar.
  • Design and implement information literacy citation analysis rubric to assess student learning outcomes as evidenced in the work cited lists from student papers. The assessment is used at an institutional level for the University Assessment Committee and at a departmental level for the Library Information Literacy and Instruction program.
  • Serve as the Digital Media Gallery (DMG) Venue Coordinator to solicit, supervise, and maintain films and other materials shown in the DMG.
  • Design and maintain the information literacy and instruction materials including the development of Camtasia online tutorials.
  • Design, maintain, and implement the Information Literacy Survey—a pretest/posttest instrument designed to measure the value added to first-year students’ understanding of basic information literacy skills—2008-2013.
  • Coordinate and provide instruction and reference services for students participating in a variety of distance education programs including OHSU Nursing, PSU Master in Social Work, and SOU Education classes at the Higher Education Center (HEC).
  • Provide Reference and information assistance to students, faculty, staff, and community members six to ten hours per week.
  • Coordinate and facilitate professional development workshops and retreats for Hannon Library faculty and staff.
  • Create and maintain the Library Instruction/Information Literacy online Web instruction program for the University Seminar at Southern Oregon University.
  • Develop and maintain the Library Instruction/Information Literacy Resources to support upper and lower division classes.
  • Provide reference and informational assistance to students, faculty, and community members.
  • Maintain and further develop instructional technology on the Southern Oregon University Library Web site.
  • Plan, coordinate, and facilitate annual library retreat as part of library professional development.
  • Coordinate, plan, and facilitate bi-weekly library in-services.
  • Design and teach faculty development workshops on information literacy, Web 2.0, citation management, Internet research, and Web design.
  • Develop and teach Adventures in Information: Research In (and Beyond) the Library classes for students.
  • Create and maintain the Internet Searching Tools Web site.
  • Create and maintain the Citing Print and Electronic Resources Web site.
  • Provide instruction in information literacy and library use for upper division and graduate classes in education, communications, health and physical education and lower division writing and the University Seminar.
  • Provide library instruction and orientation sessions during Week of Welcome for new students.
  • Coordinate and provide instruction for high school students performing junior and senior projects at the Hannon Library.
  • Administer and prepare materials for Internet training and instruction.
  • Serve as Departmental Education Department, Communication Department, and Health, Physical Education, & Leadership, OHSU Nursing, PSU Social Work.
  • Online Northwest Conference Coordianator Committee (1996 - 2001): Conference Coordinator for Online Northwest 99 and Online Northwest 2000; Assistant Coordinator for Online Northwest 2001.
  • Coordinate and develop library resources in support of Distance Education and Extended Campus Services.
  • Maintain the Extended Campus Programs - Library Services Web site.
  • Coordinate and evaluate collection development in education, communications, medical reference, children's literature/textbooks/curriculum guides, and electronic resources.
  • Associate editor Bookmarks--the Library newsletter.
  • Coordinate "Music in the Library" events featuring campus and community ensembles.

Collection Development Responsibilities:

  • Communication
  • Education
  • Health, Physical Education, & Leadership
  • Nursing
  • Children's Literature

Committee and Work Group Responsibilities:

  • Reference, Instruction, and Professional Development Team, Chair 
  • Library Tech Initiatives Work Group
  • Library Newsletter Team
  • Digital Media Work Group
  • Library Staff Room Committee
  • University Assessment Committee, Chair
  • University Studies Committee
  • Undergraduate Studies Subcommittee

Other Responsibilities:

Professional Memberships:

Internet Classes and Sites for Training: 

  • LIS 199: Adventures in Information: Research In (and Beyond) the Library: Part I and Part II
  • College Prep Institute 2005
    • Colleges and Career Exporations
    • Finding Colleges and Scholarships
  • LIS 408/508: Internet Research and Web Design
  • Library 399: Internet Research 
  • Incorporating the Internet and Information Resources into the Classroom - Faculty Development Workshop.
  • Youth Computer Academy: CyberSearching and Real Research
  • Library Instruction Research Strategies and Resources - a guide to resources for using the library effectively.
  • Internet Searching Tools - A guide to finding information on the Web using Search Tools, MetaSearch tools, Subject Directories, and sites on How to Search the Internet.


Dale teaching in a class




Videos: Instruction

Videos: Music

  • Reflections” (Fall 2011) – an original film and score taken on location in Victoria, British Columbia - http://vimeo.com/28565183
  • Southern Oregon University Percussion Ensemble under the direction of Dr. Terry Longshore
    • "Boom" – featuring Terry Longshore and Bryan Jeffs – (May 16, 2013)
    • Jabberwocky” (May 17, 2012)
    • El Mosquito” (May 17, 2012)
  • Southern Oregon University Student Brass Quintet featuring Jon Janakes - Trumpet 1, Jesus Mendoza - Trumpet 2, Sean Pasche - French Horn, Monica Hicks - Trombone, and Troy DeShaver - Tuba.
    • "When I'm Sixty-Four" - The Southern Oregon University Student Brass Quintet performing "When I'm Sixty-Four" on May 14, 2013 at the Hannon Library Plaza: Music in the Library.
    • "American Patrol" - The Southern Oregon University Student Brass Quintet performing "American Patrol" on May 14, 2013 at the Hannon Library Plaza: Music in the Library.
  • Music in the Library” (Fall 2011) - Short visual sample of the many music performances at the Southern Oregon University Hannon Library - http://vimeo.com/32542226
  • Dulcet: Southern Oregon University A Cappella
  • Raiders of the Lost Art: Southern Oregon University Madrigal Ensemble
  • Gamelan Degung Leuwi Asih: Southern Oregon University Gamelan Ensemble
  • Southern Oregon University Concert Choir under the direction of Fredna Grimland

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