Off-Campus Database Access

How does it work?

We need to make your use of a database "look" like you are coming from our campus (see below). When you click on a link to a database our system will first check to see if you are on our campus. "Our campus" in this context means all campus offices and classrooms, the dorms, and the student dial-in system. If our system sees you as a part of our campus it grants you access. If you are not a part of the campus, it asks you for a login and password. This initiates a "URL redirection session" in which all your transactions go through one of our Web servers, making it look to the database vendor like you are on our campus. To achieve this we use a product called EZProxy.

Why do we need this system?

The Hannon Library does not actually own the databases we access though our web pages. They are licensed to us for use on a yearly basis. Our license agreements state that we will only make them available to our faculty and currently registered students. We achieve this by giving each database vendor a list of all our campus network addresses, also called IP addresses. They allow access based on the validation of these addresses.