Problems Connecting From Off-Campus?

First: Consider each question and follow the steps provided.

1. Are you currently registered? Only staff, faculty and currently registered students can access these databases from off campus.

2. TRY carefully reading the directions for using our off campus database access system.

3. Did you have the problem on more than one database?

Try connecting to two or three databases from our title list and see if you can connect. It may be that the particular database you are connecting to has reached is limit of users or the database is down temporarily.


If you tried all of the above and are still having problems please write down the following information and call or email Jim Rible at 541/552-6821 or

A. The database you were trying to access.

B. Did you get the campus login page (it looks like this).

C. What happened? What showed up on the screen? Be as detailed as possible.

D. The IP address of your computer.
             NOTE: Your IP address is

E. The Web browser you were using and what version (i.e. Firefox 8, Chrome, IE 8, etc.)

F. The type of computer you were using (i.e. Mac or PC).

G. The time of day you were trying to access the database.