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from Bookmarks, Newsletter of the University Library (Spring, 2001)

by Lisa McNeil

Government Information Librarian Deborah Hollens began her career at the University Library in 1971 as the library's archivist and part-time reference librarian, after graduating from the University of Southern California with a Master's in Library Science. Deb remembers being so young that she was mistaken for a student when she reported for work.

Deb held many different positions in the library over the next ten years, including Head of Circulation and Head of Reference, and she also earned a Master of Arts degree at Southern Oregon University and pursued post-graduate study in English literature at the University of Oregon. However, it wasn't until 1979 when Deb reluctantly accepted an assignment as the library's Government Documents Librarian, that she discovered that her true calling was in government documents. Deb was joined in 1981 by Library Technician Anne Richards, and the two became the "Mighty Duo" of the library's Documents Department.

Deb's mission over the years has been to advocate for the value of government documents, and to build a documents collection tailored to the specific needs of the university community and the Southern Oregon region. The library's government documents collection serves as the federal documents depository for the entire Second Congressional District of Oregon. Deb is "thrilled that the library's upcoming digitizing project will provide an opportunity to make important documents about the Southern Oregon region available to a wider audience via the Internet." Deb also enjoys working one-on-one with students, and teaching government documents research in a variety of subject areas.

In addition to serving as Government Information Librarian, Deb also serves as the library's liaison to three programs: English, Shakespeare Studies, and Political Science. She enjoys providing library instruction and collection development in these subject areas, including her work developing the library's special Margery Bailey Renaissance Collection. Deb also serves as the library's Department Chair.

Deb feels that she has been fortunate to spend her entire career in a library she loves and in a profession that she is passionate about. She commented that, "although the library might have hired someone else who could have done her job better, they couldn't have found anyone who would have loved it more!"