The Hannon Library will be embarking upon a new adventure this Fall,iPads iPads! We have 10 new iPads with the retina display available for check out to students, faculty, and staff. Each iPad includes a cover, carrying case, power converter and USB cord. The iPads are preloaded with several popular apps and many book reader apps like iBooks, Kindle, and Overdrive.

iPad CartIn addition to checking out individual iPads, we also have a cart of 30 iPad 2s that may be utilized by SOU faculty within the library for teaching purposes. The cart is a self-contained learning lab with it’s own wireless router, Apple TV and an LCD projector. The Apple TV is configured with the ability to display users’ iPad screens onto the projector, creating the ability for instructors to call on students to display their work. This technology, called Airplay, allows both students and instructors to project what they are doing, untethered to any display device. See Jim Rible, rible@sou.edu, for cart reservations and ideas on how to utilize them in your instruction.


Why iPads?

The world of ebooks has descended upon libraries and their users almost over night. Ebook vendors have made it rather seamless to buy and purchase books on personal tablet devices, but this simplicity does not yet translate over to borrowing and sharing ebooks in a library environment. Hannon Library buys relatively few paper books any more and doing a search in our catalog inevitably retrieves mostly ebooks near the top of the list. As a result, librarians felt a desire to become more familiar with using ebooks on mobile devices. Through the act of making iPads more available to our users we intend to become more familiar ourselves with mobile technology so we are better able to help our students and faculty. While there are many mobile devices available; Nooks, Kindles and various flavors of smartphones, the iPad stands out as the most advanced and readily available device to use for embarking upon this endeavor. A fact of the iPad is that you can read books intended for only the Nook and Kindle on the iPad. Something the other devices lack.

And More

This Fall Hannon Library will be offering classes in the use of the iPad and how electronic books may be checked out of our catalog and used on personal mobile devices. We will also be offering classes in what apps are the most useful for certain disciplines and simply how to use a mobile device.

iPad VGA ConverterThe Library will also be checking out iPad to VGA converter cables (from the Circulation Desk) that allow iPad users to plug into the LCD projectors located in our most popular meeting rooms 216, 329, and the Meese Meeting Room. These are an easy alternative to a laptop for displaying Web content. And fun!