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Finding Books Using the Hannon Library Catalog

This page is designed to help you find books about a research topic using the Hannon Library Catalog.  If you have not selected a topic, you may want to use the Finding Topics page. 

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Finding Books in the Hannon Library Catalog

To find a book in the Hannon Library Catalog, you can search by title if you know the title of the book. But if you are trying to find books about a topic, you can begin with a keyword search. A keyword search is broader because it retrieves books with your words in any order in the title, subjects, and in some cases, the table of contents, of a book. A keyword search may retrieve some books which are not about your specific topic. With a subject search, the words you type in must exactly match a subject heading which has been assigned according to a list created by the Library of Congress. If you do not know the correct subject term, it is best to search by keyword. There are several ways to find the subject headings which apply to your topic:

Using a Keyword Search to Identify Subject Headings: Sample Search

Using a Keyword Search to Identify Subjects Headings: Your Topic

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