Self-Paced Tutorials:
Finding Magazine and Journal Articles

The Library provides access to many periodical indexes which can be used to find articles in magazines and journals. This assignment explains how to use an interdisciplinary database called Academic Search Complete to find articles about your topic. If you need to select a topic, you may want to explorethe Finding Topics tutorial first. Here are some different types of searches you can do, followed by sample searches. To try the following sample searches, select Academic Search Complete.

Simple/Keyword Search

The advantage of a Keyword Search is that it looks for your words in titles and anywhere in the text, as well as in subject headings, so it retrieves more articles.  The disadvantage is that some of the articles may not focus primarily on your topic. The Keyword Search Screen allows you to create a keyword or boolean search using AND, OR and NOT to create a very broad or very narrow search. By default, the results of a search are displayed in descending chronological order, with the most recent article displayed first.

Select a Field Search

Narrow your Results

Limit your Results

This feature allows you to limit your search to full text articles, peer-reviewed publication, specific publication dates, journal titlesor documents with images.

To limit to full text articles, click in the "SOU Print and full-text journals" box.


Use the information above to find three full text articles about your topic.  If you need more help searching Academic OneFile, try the Search Tips link at the top right of the search page to discover the many feature of using the Academic OneFile interface for finding journal articles.

Remember: If your search results indicate no results were found, you may want to refine your search terms and try running the search again.

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