How to Search the Internet

How to Search:

Below you will find a ranked list of sites about how to search the Internet. These sites cover a wide range of information from the basics of Internet searching to evaluation Web sites and finding information from the Invisible Web.

Finding Information on the Internet: A Tutorial

A comprehensive list of tutorials and information about the Internet and Web Searching provided by the Teaching Library at the University of California at Berkeley. From beginning information to advanced searching and beyond, this site covers everything from Web Basics to search strategies, evaluating Web information, analyzing topics, the invisible Web, and more. An excellent place to begin to learn more the changing environment of Internet searching.

BARE BONES 101: A Web Search Tutorial

Bare Bones 101 is a tutorial of essential knowledge about Internet searching designed for "people who don't take the time to read help screens." Originally designed by Ellen Chamberlain from the University of South Carolina Beaufort campus, Bare Bones works from definitions and descriptions of the tools to creating a search strategy, evaluating information, and using advanced search techniques. The strength of Bare Bones is its simplicity in organizing a wealth of information.

Web Search from's Web Search site formerly done by Chris Sherman and Kevin Elliott has a new guide, Jennifer Laycock. Jennifer continues to maintain an in-depth site that focuses on Web searching and search strategies. Sign up for the Newsletter and stay on top of the latest developments in Web search and search engine technology with our constantly updated news summaries and links.

Best Search Tools Chart

A well organized list that matches type of search with specific search tools that specialize in that kind of a search. The strength in this site over the "How to Choose a Search Engine" is the list is less comprehensive, so it better directs you in where to start your search.

Graduated Search Strategy

A section of the Berkeley "Finding Information on the Internet: A Tutorial" Web site that merits an individual listing. Outlines a specific five step strategy from how to begin a search to advanced techniques. Also, addresses strategies that are counterproductive. Lastly, there is a table to help match the type of information with features from various search tools.

Tips for Effective Internet Searching

A list of 12 tips for searching the Internet more effectively and efficiently.

Evaluating Web Resources

A list of criteria for evaluating information found on the Internet.

Choose the Best Search Tool for Your Information Need

A guide to help determine which search tools to use based on the information needed. Many of the recommended tools search for more reliable and scholarly resources.

Search Engine Showdown

A comprehensive site maintained by Greg Notess that is a guide to search tools, concentrating on comparisons between various tools and their specific features. The Search Engine Features Chart offers valuable updated information for better Web searching even though many excellent search tools are not covered in the chart.

Search Engine Watch

A site maintained Danny Sullivan that keeps that has up-to-date information about the latest developments within the world of Internet search tools. The Search Engine Report Newsletter is a must for keeping informed about current search technology and is now available both daily and monthly.

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