1. Access the system through EMS. Under your Home tab, go to the Scheduling channel. Click on the Event Room Reservations link. If you are using EMS for the first time, continue to Step 2; otherwise, skip to Step 3.

MySOU Tabs

2. The first time you use EMS, you will need to log in. Your User ID is your SOU email address ( Your Password should have been provided to you by an EMS Administrator (Ryan Green or Michelle Schuster). Do not attempt to login until you have the correct password. After this first session, EMS will remember your login, and you will not need to repeat this step and can go directly to Step 3.

Account Sync

3. The main EMS page will open:

EMS Page

4. Go to the Reservations menu and select SOU Faculty/Staff. Depending on your type of account, your menu may look different from the one pictured.

Reservation Menu

5. You will then be prompted for the date(s), times, and locations you're interested in. Fill in the information in the box on the left-hand side then click Find Space.

Find Space

6. A grid shows rooms that fit the criteria you entered in the step above. A message at the top of the screen says you have not yet selected a specific room. Find a room that suits your request. Shaded areas indicate spaces that are not available and hours when the building is closed. Clicking on the room name will bring up information about that room.

Reservation Grid

7. Once you have chosen a room, select it by clicking the green Plus Sign next to the room name. Note: you may reserve multiple rooms.

Green Plus Sign

8. The top of the grid will now list all the rooms you have selected for this request. If you wish to unselect a room, click the Red X on the left of the summary line.

Red X

9. Now you can add more details about your reservation. Click Continue at the bottom of the page (or click on the Details tab, which takes you to the same place).


10. Fill out the fields on the request form. Fields marked with a red asterisk * are required.


11. At the bottom of the form, you can request special equipment if needed (conference phones, projectors, etc.) Check the type of equipment you need, then indicate the number you need – equipment is subject to availability.

Special Equipment

12. Click Submit Reservation when finished. A reservation summary will come up. If you need to make any changes, you can edit the reservation from here.


Your request will be sent to the appropriate scheduling supervisor for review. If your reservation is approved, you will be sent a confirmation email. If your reservation is not approved, you will be contacted by the scheduling supervisor. If you have any questions about your reservation or this system, please contact:

  • For Hannon Library Reservations: 552-6816,
  • For Stevenson Union Reservations: 552-6461,
  • For Athletics Buildings Reservations: 552-6526,