Fun Technology in the Library

Welcome to Hannon 2.0

We are always trying out a variety of new things. Check them out:

Firefox Downloads
Make your research easier with these easy browser solutions.

Add a bookmarklet to your browser that will help you look up books at SOU or in Summit from book-related sites such as Amazon or BN.

Embed Library Catalog Search Box(es)
Wish you could put a search box for the Hannon Library Catalog on your own website? The Summit Catalog search box is also available.


Hannon Library Search
add Hannon Library to your Website!
ask a librarian for help with your research!

Hannon on the Web
Find us in the worlds of Facebook, MySpace, etc.

Social Bookmarking
Want to be able to access your favorite websites from anywhere? Try this...

Beyond Google...
Want to see what kind of search engines there are beyond just Google? Check out Dale Vidmar's Search Tools page.