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 General Collection

The General Collection is located on the Second and Third Floors of the Hannon Library.

Books and other materials in the General Collection of the Hannon Library are organized by the Library of Congress (LC) Classification System--a combination of numbers, or letters and numbers, that indicates the location or "address" of an item in the library. 
  • Most academic universities use the Library of Congress Classification System, while most public libraries use the Dewey Decimal Classification System.
  • Each book in the library has its own unique call number which is taped to the lower outside edge of the book's spine.
  • Books written about the same subject have similar call numbers, which groups them together on the shelf, making it easier for you to browse the library collection on a specific topic. 
General Collection: P to Z on the Third Floor

General Collection: A to N on the Second Floor

 Books are arranged on the shelves as follows: 
  1. Alphabetically by the first line of the call number
  2. Numerically by the second line
  3. By the third and subsequent lines which consist of letters and decimal numbers. 
The books with the following call numbers would be arranged on the shelf from left to right. 
before    HC 
before   HC 

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