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Library of Congress Classification System

The following is an alphabetical listing of Library of Congress call numbers with corresponding subjects:

Second Floor (A - H): A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H

Third Floor (J - Z): J, K, L, M, N, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, Z

A General Works.
AE Encyclopedias.
AG Dictionaries and other general reference works.
AI Indexes (general).
AN Newspapers.
AP Periodicals.
AY Yearbooks. Almanacs. Directories.
AZ History of scholarship and learning.
B Philosophy, Psychology, Religion.
BC Logic.
BD Speculative philosophy.
BF1-940 Psychology.
BF1001-1999 Parapsychology. Occult Sciences.
BH Aesthetics.
BJ Ethics. Social usages. Etiquette.
BL Religions. Mythology. Rationalism.
BM Judaism.
BP Islam. Bahaism. Theosophy.
BQ Buddhism.
BR Christianity.
BS Bible.
C Auxiliary Sciences of History.
CB History of civilization.
CC Archaeology.
CE Technical chronology. Calendar.
CR Heraldry.
CS Genealogy.
CT Biography (general).
D History and Topography (except America).
D History (general).
DA Great Britain.
DE Classical antiquity, Mediterranean region.
DF Greece.
DJK Eastern Europe.
DS Asia.
DT Africa.
DU Australia and Oceania.
E America and United States (general)
E11-135 America (general). North American Indians.
E151- United States (general).
F United States (local) and America except the U.S.
F1-970 United States (local).
F1001-1392 North America except U.S., including Mexico
F1401-3799 Central and South America.
G Geography. Maps. Anthropology. Recreation.
G Geography (general). Atlases. Globes. Maps.
GB Physical geography.
GC Oceanography.
GN Anthropology.
GR Folklore.
H Social Sciences.
H Social sciences (general).
HA Statistics.
HC Economic history and conditions.
HG Finance.
HM Sociology (general and theoretical).
HN Social history. Social problems. Social reform.
HV Criminology.
J Political Science.
J Legislative and executive papers (general).
JK Constitutional history (United States).
JN Constitutional history (Europe).
JQ Constitutional history (Asia, Africa, 
Australia Oceania).
JS Local government.
JX International law. International relations.
K Law.
KF Law of the United States.
L Education.
L General works.
LA History of education.
LD-LG Individual institutions (by place).
M Music.
M Music, instrumental and vocal.
ML Literature of music.
MT Musical instruction and study.
N Fine Arts.
N Visual arts.
NA Architecture.
NB Sculpture.
NC Drawing. Design. Illustration.
ND Painting.
NK Decorative arts. Applied arts. 
Decoration and ornament.
P Language and Literature.
Linguistics (general).
PB Celtic languages and literatures.
PC Romance philology and languages.
PD Germanic philology and languages.
PE English philology and languages.
PF Eastern Asian, Oceanian, African languages and literatures.
PM American Indian languages.
PN Literary history and collections, 
theater, oratory, journalism.
PQ Romance literature.
PR English literature.
PS American literature.
PT Germanic literatures.
Q Science.
Q Science (general).
QA  Mathematics. Computer science.
QB Astronomy.
QC Physics.
QD Chemistry. Crystallography.
QE Geology.
QH Natural history. Biology.
QK Botany.
QL Zoology.
QM Human anatomy.
QP Physiology.
QR Microbiology.
R Medicine.
R Medicine (general).
RT Nursing.
RX Homeopathy.
RZ Other systems of medicine.
S Agriculture. Plant and Animal Industry
SD Forestry.
SF Animal culture.
SH Aquaculture. Fisheries. Angling.
T Technology.
T Technology (general).
TK  Electrical engineering. Electronics. 
TR  Photography.
TT Handicrafts. Arts and crafts.
TX Home economics.
U Military Science.
V Naval Science.
Z Books, Bibliography and Library Science.
Z4-115.5 History of books. History of writing.
Z116-550 Book industries and trade.
Z551-661 Copyright. Liberty of the press.
Z662-1000.5 Libraries and library science.
Z1001-8999  Bibliography.

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