Math and Science Tutoring

Welcome to the SOU Math and Science Lab!


Math and science tutors are available to assist SOU students enrolled in math and science courses offered at SOU. No appointments are needed, but each tutor specializes in certain courses, so it’s best to check the posted schedule each term. Tutoring is only available when classes are in session.


Math Placement Testing Summer 2019

For math placement testing, please contact Andrew Clum at



The Math and Science Tutoring Center is located on the first floor of Hannon Library.


During the Session

Students Will:

  • Bring the assignment and/or related materials.

  • Be ready to take an active part in the tutoring session (ask questions, take notes, work through problems, etc.) and be ready to learn.

  • Understand that tutors cannot (and will not) solve problems or complete homework for you.

  • Be respectful towards tutors and other students in the Tutoring Center.


Tutors Will:

  • Review concepts and problem-solving strategies.

  • Help students find explanations of concepts and ideas in course textbooks.

  • Help students prepare for midterms and final exams.

  • Provide materials such as calculators, computers, MiniTab, and element tables for in-lab use (materials may be limited).


Additional Math Tutoring available in Medford at the Higher Education Center.

SOU students in Medford may get math tutoring help at RCC's tutoring center. You must register and pay $15 per term (at Rogue Central, G Building). You are welcome to go into the Learning Center and work with the tutors any time they are open and providing a tutor is available. They are usually open from 8 am - 8 pm, except Fridays. On Fridays, they close at noon.

A list of Tutors for Hire is available for those times when a student needs help but no tutoring is scheduled, including evenings and weekends. The tutors on this list make individual arrangements with students, and are paid by the student at the time of tutoring.