Writing Center

Welcome to the SOU Writing Center!


Our mission is to help Southern Oregon University students become more skillful, more effective, more confident, and more resourceful writers.



The Writing Center is located on the first floor of Hannon Library.


During the Session

Students Will:

  • Bring the assignment sheet and bring notes/draft/etc.

  • Be ready to take an active part in the tutoring session (ask questions, point out examples, take notes, etc.) and be ready to learn.

  • Understand that tutors cannot (and will not) find and fix all errors and weaknesses.

  • Be respectful towards tutors and other students in the Tutoring Center.


Tutors Will:

  • Brainstorm on how to get started on a paper or how to best approach a paper assignment, particularly in terms of how to construct an argument.

  • Assist with a paper’s argumentation (logical flow of argument, effective uses of quotes and other types of evidence, etc.)

  • Assist with a paper’s organization, both globally and at the paragraph level. This can include looking at order of paragraphs/point, working on transitions, etc.

  • Make suggestions for how to revise a paper for greater coherence, clarity, and conciseness.

  • Spot patterns of grammatical errors in a student's prose and teach the student how to identify and correct these patterns. (Tutors will not, however, “fix” or copyedit an assignment.

  • Help with source incorporation and citation.


Appointment Policies


  • Students can schedule one, 30-60 minute appointment per day. Appointments are scheduled for 60 minutes by default.

  • Students must speak to a tutor (via phone, email, or in person) to schedule an appointment.



  • If the WC is busy and there are students waiting, walk-in appointments may be limited to 45 minutes.

  • Pre-scheduled appointments take priority over walk-ins.


We welcome both appointments and walk-ins, but highly recommend scheduling appointments.