Writing Center Tutors

2017-18 Tutors

Jane - Lead Writing Tutor


Major: Political Science

Minor: Biology

Strengths: APA format, word choice, comma use

I am a senior at SOU trying to fit in as many opportunities in my last year as I can. I enjoy hanging with my friends, coffee, being in student government, cooking delicious food, and Netflix.




Major: Creative Writing

Amy Accongio is a Senior pursuing A Bachelor's in Fine Art, her focus in Creative Writing. She is a transfer student coming to us from the University of South Carolina and Santiago Canyon College, where she studied Ancient Greek Philosophy and Zen Buddhism. Ever since she was a kid she's suffered from a pretty serious writing problem, compulsively composing verse, trying to translate her life into Magical Realism. As a tutor, her strengths lie in helping to identify creative strategies and unique approaches to academic writing. She also prefers to provide students with a light-hearted atmosphere in which to approach the tedium of editing and revision in order to siphon out as much fun as possible.