Library Search Update

Updated 10/16/2022

A New Version of Our Catalog

Together with nearly forty other academic libraries in the region, Hannon Library has transitioned to a new version of our online catalog, developed by our vendor, Ex Libris.

We’ve also adopted a new application designed to make borrowing items from other institutions easier and more efficient. Although the catalog looks much the same as it did last term, there are several important changes and new features.


Now, when you search the catalog, you’ll have the option of choosing from four different scopes.

Hannon + Articles

Search Hannon + Articles to find physical and digital items available at the Hannon Library. This search also includes articles from selected Hannon Library databases and open access resources. You can sign in to view articles and to request digital or physical items related to your search from other libraries.

Librarian Tip

This is our default search scope, so when you search from the library homepage, your search will use Hannon + Articles.

Librarian Tip

Because scholarly knowledge is organized by academic discipline, searching for articles using an online catalog can be messy. It’s usually better to choose a recommended database from one of our librarian-curated research guides. If you’re not sure what research guide or database to use, you can always ask a librarian, via chat from the library homepage or, if you’re in the library, get help from a librarian at the research help desk.

Hannon Only

Search Hannon Only to find ebooks, books, videos, and other physical resources available at the Hannon Library. This is a great search scope when:

  • You’re looking for a book you already know the title of and want to see if we have it on our shelves, ready for check out
  • Your paper is due tomorrow. Sometimes you just don’t have time to wait for a chapter scan or a physical item to arrive from another library. This search scope will tell you what you can get your hands on right now from the library’s physical collection and what ebooks you can immediately access (after signing in).
  • You want to find items in our DVD collection
  • You want to know if we subscribe to a journal or magazine

Hannon + Articles + Other Libraries

Search Hannon + Articles + Other Libraries to find books, articles, journals, media, and other resources from both our collection and libraries across the country. If Hannon Library doesn’t have the item, you can sign in to request it from another library.

Searching this way will usually get you lots of results, great if you’re trying to see what has been written about a topic, regardless of whether we have it here at Hannon Library. Items we have in our collection, though, are given a healthy bump in the search, so locally available items should show up higher on your list of results.

Librarian Tip

In the past, you may have used a search scope that included “Summit Libraries,” a partnership of academic libraries in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. We don’t have this search scope anymore, but don’t worry: items held by Summit Libraries are included in the Hannon + Articles + Other Libraries search scope. Only now, these searches also include items held by libraries in other parts of the country. We made this change because we have combined Summit and Interlibrary Loan into one easy-to-use feature within our catalog that will show you Summit libraries along with other libraries across the country.

Course Reserves

Search Course Reserves to find items your instructor has placed on reserve . Instructors often place required or supplementary course materials on reserve for short loans so these items are not checked out for days or weeks when their students need them. Course reserve items are available to check out at the Circulation Desk.

New Features

An Update for Interlibrary Loan

With our updated interlibrary loan service, you can now see real-time availability of materials from other libraries and place all your requests from directly within your search results.

Journal Search

You can still use advanced search to find journals by title or ISSN, but now we also have a dedicated journal search as an item on the top menu.

Using this search, you can type a known journal’s title or ISSN into a single box, click “Journal Search,” and see if we provide access to that journal. You can also use the “Journals by category” to see what journals you can access in a variety of disciplines—from art history to the social sciences.

Unexpected Behaviors & Bugs

Please let us know if something isn’t working for you or if you’re having difficulty getting the results you’re used to. You can contact us at or report an issue using our webform.