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Name Phone Office Title E-Mail
Paul Adalian     Dean Emeritus AdalianP@sou.edu
Connie Anderson-Cohoon 541/552-6820 149 Reference Services Coordinator Anderson@sou.edu
Anna Beauchamp 541/552-6823 217 Interlibrary Loan Coordinator Beauchamp@sou.edu
Max Brooks 541/552-6131 113A Career Preparation Coordinator BrooksM@sou.edu
Sue Burkholder     Emeritus Professor Burkholder@sou.edu
Mary Jane Cedar-Face 541/552-6836 229D Collection Development Coordinator Cedarface@sou.edu
Carl Christy 541/552-6831 314 Systems Analyst ChristyC@sou.edu
Kate Cleland-Sipfle 541/552-6839 321B Cataloging Coordinator ClelandK@sou.edu
Brent Cummings 541/552-6822 103B Student/Stack Maintenance Coord./Night Supervisor CummingBr@sou.edu
Becca Evans 541/552-6841 229 Acquisitions Technician EvansR@sou.edu
Jeffrey Gayton 541/552-6833 328 University Librarian / Learning Commons Director GaytonJ@sou.edu
Riah Gooding 541/552-6818 146 Learning Commons Tutoring Director GoodingR@sou.edu
Anna Grzeszkiewicz 541/552-8627 145 Reference Librarian GrzeszkA@sou.edu
Bill Herman 541/552-6829 103B Reserves/Video Booking Coord. Herman@sou.edu
Deborah Hollens     Emeritus Professor Hollens@sou.edu
Kathy Hoxmeier 541/552-6844 206 Periodicals Coordinator Hoxmeier@sou.edu
Raven Keppinger 541/552-6825 103A Access Services Coordinator Keppinger@sou.edu
Alissa Kolodzinski 541/552-6835 318 Assistant to the University Librarian / Department Coordinator KolodzinA@sou.edu
Karen Menzie 541/552-6843 229 Cataloging Technician Menzie@sou.edu
Scott Miller 541/552-8627 145 Reference Librarian MillerS@sou.edu
Emily Miller-Francisco 541/552-6819 317 E-Resource & Web Coordinator MillerE@sou.edu
Teresa Montgomery 541/552-6837 229C Digital Projects Librarian Montgomery@sou.edu
Susan O'Connor 541/552-6851 133 Learning Commons & Government Information Specialist HerbageS@sou.edu
Dotty Ormes 541/552-6850 136 Government Information & Instruction Librarian OrmesD@sou.edu
Jim Rible 541/552-6821 315 Systems Librarian/Science Librarian
Shana Sandor 541/552-8824 231 Digital Projects & Electronic Resources Specialist SandorS@sou.edu
Dale Vidmar 541/552-6842 144 Library Instruction Coordinator Vidmar@sou.edu
Fela Winfrey 541/552-6023 316 Outreach & Library Support Specialist WinfreyFe@sou.edu


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