Library Instruction / Information Literacy

Program Outline for Instructors


The Hannon Library Instruction/Information Literacy Program offers support and integrated course instruction for all classes. The program is designed to meet the needs of freshman, lower division, upper division, and graduate students.

Instruction and Information Literacy Mission Statement

Information Literacy Goals and Proficiencies


The Goals of the Library Instruction / Information Literacy Program are:


  • To assist students in developing information literacy and critical thinking skills to access and use information resources effectively and ethically.

  • To instill an awareness of the basic resources and services available though the Hannon Library.

  • To reduce the anxiety associated with the library and help create a positive attitude in students when using the library.


In order to facilitate these goals, please observe the following guidelines:


  • Arrange instruction well in advance of intended instruction session

  • Allow about 10-15 minutes on a day prior to the first instruction session for the librarian to come to the students' classroom for an introductory/assessment pre-session (optional)

  • All library instruction should be integrated with a specific assignment that the colloquium instructor has prepared in advance. (eg. Find a book, an article, and a web site about your topic)

  • Instruction may be incorporated into Moodle for instructors using Moodle within their classes

  • After the initial contact via email, the librarians will be unobtrusive in the design and process of the Colloquium curriculum. Librarians will not attend cohort meetings unless invited by leaders.

  • Please feel free to contact Dale Vidmar at: 2-6842 or by email at: to arrange instruction sessions, or if you would like assistance or would like to discuss how to structure an assignment around using the library.


For more information or to set up an instruction session, contact Dale Vidmar at 2-6842.

Dale Vidmar teaching a class

The Current Program Offers the Following


Online instruction from the Library's Instruction / Information Literacy Web site to include:

  • Self-paced Library Instruction for use by colloquium instructors with their students:

  • Web-based support pages for specific assignments.

  • On-call instruction arranged in advance for individual instructors seeking assistance with a project requiring library research skills.

  • 10 to 15 minute introductory session in which a librarian goes to the students' classroom prior to the students' instruction session at the Library.

  • Students are introduced to that librarian as a specific resource person.

  • Students are also introduced to the Instruction/Information Literacy Program and how it can assist them.

  • Librarian asks students some questions to obtain a needs assessment prior to instruction

  • The major goal of the introductory session is to reduce anxiety and encourage contact between students and librarian.

  • An Internet Research Session to introduce students to the following web sites:

  • Introduction to using Library Resources for students - a one or two session meeting. Instruction should:
    • Be arranged in advance by colloquium instructor in coordination with librarian.
    • Work in conjunction with an assignment such as:
      • Find a book, an article, and a Web site about your topic.
      • Compile a bibliography for your topic
    • Coincide with a project such as a paper or speech.
    • Offer students an opportunity to gain some proficiency in library or information literacy skills.
  • Meeting with student groups to help with their group project (To be arranged between instructor and librarian on an as needed basis).
  • Tours and Instruction session for high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools. For more information about school visits to the Library, see the Policy and Procedures for School Visits to the Hannon Library.