Humanitarians for Justice, Nonviolence, and Peace

Created by local artist Meera Censor, the Humanitarians for Justice, Nonviolence, and Peace collection features 21 sculptures of people from all around the world that have contributed to non-violent social change. Icons such as Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela are expertly recreated in clay and bronze.

Showcasing people from many nations and cultures, these sculptures embody the Library’s focus on multiculturalism and international awareness.

The artist has also donated several books about these subjects to the Library. A bibliographical guide of relevant titles will be available at the display. In addition to these resources, a companion book to this collection is available for sale by order. This book tells the story of the artist and the creation of this series, with color photographs of each sculpture provided by Colby Stephens, an SOU alumnus.

The artist and the Library encourage local teachers to bring students in to see the collection and to incorporate the histories of these humanitarians into their courses. Meera Censor is available to speak to classes about these people and their work. Teachers and educators can get more information by contacting (541) 488-5683.

See a slideshow of the sculptures.

A bibliography of works about and by each Humanitarian is also available.



sculpture of Chief Joseph