The Mosaic

Resonance & Dispersion:

The Hannon Library Mosaic


Resonance & Dispersion

American artists Robert Stout and Stephanie Jurs created the spectacular 28-foot ceramic mosaic that adorns the floor of the entrance rotunda to the new Southern Oregon University Hannon Library. The colorful piece, an abstract swirl with shades of blues, pinks, yellows and browns, is titled "Resonance & Dispersion." Watch a quick video of the Mosaic installation.

The artists are an American husband and wife team that have their own business, Twin Dolphins Mosaics, based in Ravenna, Italy. Robert and Stephanie have been designing and creating broken-tile mosaics since 1990. In 1998 they moved to Italy, an internationally known center of Byzantine mosaics, to study traditional Roman and Byzantine techniques. Their current work combines elements of broken-tile mosaics with those of traditional marble and glass mosaic. In 2003 they were selected in a competition to create this unique art piece for Southern Oregon University Hannon Library.


The Mosaic Video Project

To document the creation of the new mosaic in the rotunda of the Southern Oregon University Hannon Library for historic, artistic and educational purposes, a production team comprised of the faculty and selected students from SOU's new Media Arts concentration videotaped the process of assembling the ceramic in Italy and installing it at SOU. A slideshow version of the installation is available on YouTube.



The artists' rendering of the completed Mosaic.