Library Faculty

Jeffrey Gayton- University Librarian / Learning Commons Director

Phone: 541/552-6833 Email:


Melissa Anderson

Campus Engagement and Research Services Librarian/Buisness Librarian
Subject Specialties: business, economics, management
Phone: 541/552-6820

Mary Jane Cedar Face

Department Chair; Collection Development Coordinator, Special Collections, Gifts, Newsletter, Events
Subject Specialties: anthropology, Native American studies, sociology
Phone: 541/552-6836 Email:

Kate Cleland-Sipfle

Cataloging Coordinator
Subject Specialties: enivronmental studies, foreign languages and literatures (French, Spanish), geography, history, international studies, music
Phone: 541/552-6839 Email:

Emily Miller-Francisco

E-Resource & Web Coordinator
Subject specialties: psychology; criminology and criminal justice; philosophy; gender, sexuality and women's studies
Phone: 541/552-6819 Email:

Dotty Ormes

Government Information and Instruction Librarian
Subject specialties: government resources, political science, art and art history, English and literature, Shakespeare studies, theatre arts, maps
Phone: 541/552-6850 Email:

Jim Rible

Systems Librarian/Science Librarian
Subject specialties: biology, chemistry, computer science, geology, math, physics and engineering
Phone: 541/552-6821 Email:

Dale Vidmar

Library Instruction Coordinator/Education, Communication, Health and Physical Education Librarian
Subject specialties: children's literature, communication, education, health & physical education, nursing, social work, film studies and video production
Phone: 541/552-6842 Email:


Paul Adalian - Dean Emeritus


Connie Anderson-Cohoon - Professor Emeritus


Sue Burkholder - Professor Emeritus


Deb Hollens - Professor Emeritus


Teresa Montgomery - Professor Emeritus