Circulation Services

High School Students

High school students in Jackson, Josephine, Douglas, and Klamath counties may be eligible for borrowing and requesting privileges by proxy. Student must provide a letter, on letterhead, from the high school librarian requesting borrowing privileges, and must include an end date. Contact your high school librarian to find out how to check out items from Hannon Library.

If you are a high school student enrolled in the SOU Advanced Southern / Early Entry program, you are considered a SOU undergraduate student.

Borrowing Responsibilities:

A photo ID is required to check out or pick up library items. You are responsible for returning library items on time. All borrowing and requesting transactions will be filtered through your local high school librarian. The limit is 10 items.

Loan Periods & Renewals

Eligible items will automatically renew unless requested for Course Reserves, or by another user. When the maximum loan period is reached, users will receive a courtesy email notification, and items must be returned.

SOU Owned Books: Guaranteed a minimum 3-week loan period, unless recalled for Course Reserves. Items will be automatically renewed in 3-week increments, for a maximum 30 day loan period.

SOU Owned Audio-Visual: Guaranteed minimum 6-day loan period, unless recalled for Course Reserves. Items will be automatically renewed in 6 day increments, for a maximum 12 day loan period.

Overdue Fines & Replacement

We at Hannon Library want to make sure you have the maximum amount of time for library items, while minimizing overdue fines, and ensuring equitable access for other users. Please return library items on time.

SOU Owned Books: $.50/day, per item.

SOU Owned Audio-Visual: $1.00/day, per item.

Recalled items: $2.00/day per item.

Replacement costs: varies and determined at the time of billing.

Damaged items: varies and determined at time of assessment.

Billing service charge: $15.00, non-refundable.